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On 5 May 1947, a Fiat G-12 Alcione, piloted by Virginio Reinero, took off from Turin on a voyage to Catania via The investment, following the start of Alitalias activities. Two many months later, a Savoia Marchetti SM-95 restricted for Oslo took off from The investment with 38 Norwegian ocean adventurers on panel the Companys first globally voyage. In Objective the following period, a Lancastrian frequently went from Milan to Buenos Aires, thereby following Alitalias first offshore voyage. The planes eventually left from Milan and designed stops in The investment, Dakar, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, and S?o Paulo before reaching Buenos Aires on a take long lasting more than 36 time.

Since its creation, Alitalia has separated itself in the Italian market and its record has often been connected with Italys own. In 1960, Alitalia was the established service provider for the The capital Olympics. In the same interval, the Organization took shipping of its first planes (DC-8 and Caravelle aircraft) and the variety of travelers transferred overtaken one thousand for once. The Organization grew even larger in the Seventies with the starting of tracks to Northern The united states and Japan and with the release of the first Large B747, the giant of the skies holding 369 travelers. In the Early and Nineties, the navy grew even larger with the appearance of McDonnell Douglas MD80s and MD11s, Airbuses and Boeing 767s. The variety of travelers transferred each season was near to 20 thousand.

On 7 July 2001, Alitalia became a member of the SkyTeam partnership that today consists of nine of the globe's major air carriers such as North west, KLM, Air Portugal, Navigator, Delta Air Lines, Japanese Air, AeroMexico, CSA Czech Airline carriers and Aeroflot. Its system offers 728 tracks to more than 130 nations around the world. Alitalia currently has a navy of 181 planes and two primary locations, Fiumicino and Malpensa, making up the home platform of a system that gets to 63 nations around the world on six areas. The quickest growing tracks are those to Southern European countries, Indian and Chinese suppliers marketplaces which are broadening quickly also with regards to demand for air carry.

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